November 10, 2021

“With a new campaign, M&K is turning November through January into autumn home cinema.”


M&K Home Cinema Fall 2021

Movie 5.1 For Getting Started with M&K Sound: 

The Danish manufacturer is known for excellent home theater and studio installations and was also one of the first Dolby-THX- certified loudspeaker manufacturers worldwide. With the Movie 5.1 System, M&K Sound has broken into a new area and thus also offers home cinema beginners a compact set that combines surround sound with an excellent price-performance ratio. The three K50 LCR speakers are extremely flat and are used for the right and left channels and a a center speaker. the two-way speakers have four-inch bass-midrange speaker and a one-inch dome tweeter. Two trapezoidal tripole loudspeakers K40T provided the surround sound. They have the drivers for the front speakers and additional integrated broadband speakers, so that they can be placed inconspicuously on the wall. The active subwoofer V8 turns the set into a fully fledged system for action-packed films and exciting series. Because the noticeable bass foundation of the 8-inch drier underlines typical blockbuster scenes with impressive precision.

M&K Home Cinema Fall 2021

Powerful, Brilliant Sound with the 750 Series:

It was not until 2020 that Miller & Kreisel used the 20th anniversary of the 750 Series as an opportunity to further improve the compact speakers, which are unique in this class. With the revision, the series has remained compact, but can improve the compact speakers, which are unique in this class. With the revision, the series has remained compact, but can shine with new features and improved sound properties. This is ensured primarily by the components used from the high-end Series 150 and the revised crossovers. In combination with the company’s own phase-focused crossover technology for seamless transition frequencies, a previously unattainable combination of transparency and dynamics is created.

The 28 mm fabric tweeter, together with the waveguide, which is perfectly matched to the tweeter, enables a particularly wide radiation angle with a linear frequency response at the same time. The 5.25-inch woofer made of fiberglass is also new. In a double version for the LCR750 and the center loudspeaker LCR750C and in a single version for the SUR55T tripole surround loudspeaker, it ensures a brilliant sound. The compact set is completed by the powerful subwoofer, which enables first-class, powerful home theater sound. Explosions and wild chases make this combination a unique experience.

M&K Home Cinema Fall 2021

Iconic Loudspeaker: M&K Sound S150 in the System: 

The S150 speaker has been built almost uncharged for 25 years. During this time it has long since achieved cult status- whether as a monitor in the studio or as a loudspeaker in the home theater setup. The use in the mastering studios of Hollywood, the legendary Saturday Night Live Show and broadcast transmissions of Grammy and Oscar awards have certainly contributed a large part to this. The S150 is continuously refined with acoustic technology and benefits greatly from the absolute flagship speaker S300. The latest upgrades offer even the most demanding customers a new level sound quality. This makes the speaker ideal choice for home theater installations.

What is particularly remarkable about the S150 is the arrangement of the three 28 mm tweeters, which are located in a specially manufactured cast aluminum plate. An integrated waveguide also optimizes the radiation behaviour. Two 5.25-inch fiberglass drivers are used as bass-midrange drivers to achieve the powerful sound of a home theater system. In the complete Herbst system, two S150T Tripoles are also responsible for the surround sound. These in turn combine drivers mounted on the front and on the side in order to direct the sound image both directly into the listening area. For bass with extremely low distortion and high dynamic performance in a compact format, the V12 subwoofer is included in the selected setup.

M&K Home Cinema Fall 2021

Absolute Home Cinema Enjoyment: S300 Speakers and X12 Subwoofer: 

The unique layout of the S150 speaker’s front baffle with three tweeters and two woofers is also a key aspect of the design and performance of the S300 speakers. Because this series takes up the tried and tested construction, but uses newly developed drivers and has been completely optimized for home theater sound of the reference class. The absolute top package of the campaign consists of the S300 for the front and rear speakers are made of MDF and have been glued with a lot of effort, so that stability and resonance-free behaviour also meet the highest demands. So it is not surprising that all components meet the THX-Ultra 2 specifications.

There is also a big difference between the V12 and X12 subwoofers: the X12 also has a mighty, closed housing, but the 400 watt power amplifier drives two woofers with a 12-inch diaphragm. One of the drivers works in the front fire position and the second driver supports in the housing as a push-pull driver. Thanks to this design, possible distortions are eliminated and nothing stands in the way of the perfect solution for your home theater.




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