June 28, 2021

New Kaleidescape CEO Tayloe Stansbury discusses the company’s new organization and commitment to integrator channel.


Kaleidescape is not resting on its laurels these days. The premium media server company not only has a new executive team with loads of diverse experience, it has also launched a new online dealer certification program.The Kaleidescape certification program is the first of many tools the company is developing for integrators to enable them to better educate clients on the importance of quality content in their home theaters, media rooms and secondary systems.New CEO Tayloe Stansbury has a long background in the software industry has also brought in a dream team of management personnel, including veteran entertainment industry exec Norma Garcia-Muro as vice president of marketing, former Dolby and Oracle exec Priscilla Morgan as a new member of the board of directors, and hardware tech industry veteran Tom Vaughan as vice president of engineering. Vaughan’s background, which includes 30 years at CBS Records and other firms, puts him at the forefront of Kaleidescape’s aggressive future product roadmap, according to Stansbury.

Stansbury himself was a longtime customer of Kaleidescape, which he says gives him a unique perspective on what customers want from the media server, and allows him to think about problems and solutions from a different angle.

Speaking to CE Pro, Stansbury touted some of the key innovations the company has made, including the pristine picture quality at high bit rates compared to other streamers, the lossless audio for Dolby Atmos, and the third-party integration with various control systems.

“So when you hit ‘Play,’ it will close the shades dim the lights, and change the screen masking to be the right ratio for the movie. And when the credits start to roll, it has the awareness to gradually reverse all those functions gracefully as the movie ends. It like having your own projectionist in your home,” he says.

Kaleidescape Dealer Certification Program Launches

One of the biggest pieces of news from Stansbury is the announcement of the launch of the new Kaleidescape dealer certification program, which consists of eight courses designed to teach Kaleidescape’s core technologies, provide tools to properly set up equipment and manage clients’ systems remotely, and discuss sales strategies to educate clients on the necessity of full-fidelity, lossless content to optimize their systems.

Certification will provide dealers with access to manufacturer programs and additional promotions, while giving business owners confidence that staff can effectively demonstrate Kaleidescape’s key role in maximizing the performance and enjoyment of the systems they design for their clients.

“As Kaleidescape celebrates its 20th anniversary, it’s a perfect time for dealers to re-educate themselves on a product line considered the industry standard by manufacturers and dealers alike,” says Brett Bjorkquist, Kaleidescape’s senior manager of dealer engagement and CEDIA board member. “This new platform allows integrators who are often in the field to take courses when it suits them, while still accessing our live training and sales staff for follow-up and advanced support.”

Stansbury echoed that sentiment, noting that the certification training is done is easy-to-manage 20- to 30-minute sessions, with a total commitment of between three and four hours for the entire year.

“The courses help train integrators on the system, along with the tools and techniques for selling and setting up Kaleidescape so it runs correctly for the customer the first time they sit down to enjoy their theater,” comments Stansbury.  He notes that every course has received a 5-star rating so far.

In addition, Bjorkquist will be conducting live webinars on the new certification program. Certification is available now by accessing the company’s dealer portal at www.extranet.kaleidescape.com. For more information email training@kaleidescape.com.



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