July 9, 2018

Enjoy exceptional acoustical performance beneath the stars, all while never leaving home.

Customized Stretch-Fabric Acoustical System

Deliver top-of-the-line acoustical performance and customized designs.

Features KINETICS StrechTRAK custom wall and ceiling acoustical system.

  • Greatest flexibility for acoustical design and interior decor
  • Invisibly integrates KINETICS specialty sound absorbers and diffusers
  • Site-built systems by facory-trained installers and compatible with any complex ceiling design
  • Add night-sky images for an "out-of-this world" experience

A versatile acoustical solution that uses KINETICS TAD, VersaTune, HighTones, HighTones2, Stealth, and /or MidTones for an acoustically tuned ceiling design.

Seems typically measure up to 60" and typically run the width of the room

Typical density: 2-3 stars per square foot


  • Shooting Star
  • Constellations
  • Fully integrates with control systems

Edge treatments – Square or Bevel

Thickness: 1" to 4"

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