June 9, 2022

Miller and Kriesel (M&K) were crowned the benchmark oh high-end cinema audio by THX Limited during their display at High End Munich last month.

The new range includes the X15+, X12+, and the X10+ premium reference subwoofers.

Steve Martz, Vice President of the THX and “right-hand man to George Lucas” stressed the importance of build quality and technology needed to meet the company’s new audio standard – THX Dominus.

“We are pleased to be able to certify the new products of the audio pioneer M&K Sound in three THX performance classes. To meet the strict THX standards, speakers must pass hundreds of tests. Audio enthusiasts around the world will be amazed by the power and fidelity of these subwoofers. One can only congratulate M&K Sound on this achievement.”

M&K are considered the industry pioneer in subwoofer audio, having developed what would be considered the first modern subwoofer back in 1977, according to Audioholics.

“Perhaps it should come as no surprise to see them again at the forefront of subwoofer design, this time with a THX-certified Dominus subwoofer.”

The company are considered the industry leader in cinema audio with their speakers used in Academy Award winning films such as “Lord of the Rings- The Return Of The King” for which Christopher Boyes was awarded the Achievement in sound mixing.

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