February 14, 2022

The specialist M&K Sound now presents particularly sophisticated solutions for home cinema enthusiasts, namely the new M&K Sound IW150T Tripole as well as the M&K Sound C15S subwoofer and the associated amplifier Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition.

M&K Sound IW150T Tripole, with this extraordinary speaker system M&K Sound addresses particularly demanding home cinema enthusiasts, and has immediately with the M&K Sound C15S subwoofer in conjunction with the associated power amplifier Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition the right solutions to round off this surround speaker system and thus a perfect home theater installation with the sound of the best cinemas in the world in their own four walls.

The intention behind this system is not only to offer users the best performance, but to realize it through a completely invisible surround system. Thus, the products M&K Sound IW150T Tripole and M&K Sound C15S Subwoofer with Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition is not only a built-in speaker, but also an installation subwoofer and its power amplifier.

M&K Sound IW150T Tripole

With reference sound out of nowhere, the Danish specialist M&K Sound advertises the new M&K Sound IW150T Tripole, as described, the new built-in speaker for home cinema installations.

In principle, the new M&K Sound IW150T Tripole is a revised version of the M&K Sound S150T, as the manufacturer puts on record, which can be seamlessly integrated into the wall for the first time for a truly invisible installation.

As the name already indicates, one relies here – just as in the aforementioned M&K Sound S150T surround speaker system – on a so-called Tripole arrangement of the individual drivers, which according to the manufacturer is revolutionary and provides for a unique sonic envelopment of the listener.

Equipped with the high-quality drivers and crossover of its famous sister model, the M&K Sound IW150T Tripole offers the same superior sound characteristics, according to the company’s promise.

For the promised invisible installation, however, is to provide here not only the possibility of an installation flush with the wall, but also the included speaker grill. This is held in white ex works, but can be painted in any desired color without any problems.

M&K Sound C15S Subwoofer

The M&K Sound C15S subwoofer is a so-called installation subwoofer, a solution that is also designed for the most discreet integration into the listening room.

Interestingly, the new M&K Sound C15S subwoofer relies on a single chassis, a 10-inch chassis, and this solution is specifically designed as a 10-inch dual push-pull subwoofer and thus relies on the concept that is already known from the M&K Sound X10 subwoofer.

The manufacturer promises a powerful bass foundation with outstanding level stability, whereby the lowest frequencies can be covered so that the bass is not only audible, but even tangible. The M&K Sound C15S subwoofer is thus an ideal solution even for large custom installations.

Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition – Class D power amplifier

As a perfect playing partner for the M&K Sound C15S subwoofer, the manufacturer points out the new Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition power amplifier, which was developed from scratch together with this subwoofer.

According to the manufacturer, the power amplifier is a further development of the Class D amplifiers that were developed in conjunction with the subwoofers of the M&K Sound V-Series. Just like these also the new Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue edition is to be characterised by highest efficiency and thus impressive achievement with smallest heat development. Likewise one paid attention to a particularly small consumption in the Standby mode.

As already mentioned, the power amplifier was developed together with the subwoofer, so that the Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition in conjunction with the M&K Sound C15S subwoofer can trump even with demanding source material with accurate impulse stability and enormous power reserves.

Prices and availability

All three systems are available already these days in the specialized trade, whereby one must note that one addresses oneself hereby above all to installation specialists, who realize custom-made solutions for their customers. The recommended retail price for the M&K Sound IW150T Tripole built-in speaker is stated by the manufacturer at € 1,380. The M&K Sound C15S subwoofer is available alone in conjunction with the Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition power amplifier, at a recommended price of € 3,360.

Getting to the point

Home Cinema at the highest level is to be achieved with the new solutions of the specialist M&K Sound, so the promise of the proven specialist in this area. The particularly exciting thing about the solutions M&K Sound IW150T Tripole and M&K Sound C15S Subwoofer with Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition, however, is that these are designed for an almost invisible installation, so you can realize modern surround solutions in a particularly discreet way without sacrificing quality.

Price M&K Sound IW150T Tripole € 1.380,-
M&K Sound C15S Subwoofer & Miller&Kreisel VA500 Blue Edition € 3.360,-


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