October 7, 2021

The loudspeaker systems of the M&K Series are a milestone in the field of high-quality, attractively priced loudspeaker systems for home theater. This product range is now being expanded to include the new M&K M90.

Photo © M&K Sound |  M&K M90 on-wall speaker

The new M&K M90 is designed in such a way that it brings out the excellent sound of the M&K M Series with a particularly strong sound, even in larger rooms, according to the promise made by  Miller & Kreisel for the new solution from the M&K Sound brand.

Like the other solutions in the M&K M Series, the new N&K M90 is designed in such a way that it has been optimized for very flat mounting on the wall and it ranks above the existing M&K M50 and M&K M70 solutions.

M&K M90 joins M&K M50 and M&K M70

It is therefore clear that the new M&K M90 is the new flagship of the M&K Series and should make the product line even more versatile.

The task of the M&K M Series is to enable the tried and tested M&K sound in the living room. The sound that users of the large studio and home theater installations appreciate and that served as the basis for realizing big blockbusters like Star Wars or the Pirates of Caribbean.

The discreet shape of the M Series housing requires more bass in expensive listening rooms. The M90 therefore has two additional woofers, which at the same time expand the previous frequency range of the M70 and ensure better bass reproduction.

Photo © M&K Sound |  M&K M90 on-wall speaker

Designed for larger spaces

A total of four low-midrange drivers with glass fiber cones are used in the new M&K M90, each of which has a diameter of no less than 4 inches. This is to ensure that, as just mentioned, the lowest frequency ranges are covered even better than with its smaller brothers M&K M50 and M&K M70.

The low-midrange drivers in the new M&K M90 are combined with a tweeter that has a diameter of 1 inch and is designed as a coated silk dome neodymium driver.

The drivers were installed individually in reinforced housings in order to reduce distortion and resonance to a minimum, as the manufacturer states. Especially the very slim design of the M&K M90 makes this constructive measure necessary.

With this equipment it is ensured that, especially with regard to use in home cinema, not only low frequencies are confidently reproduced, but also voices and effects.

A well thought-out radiation pattern should ensure that the M&K M90 can not only be used for the left and right channels or the surround channels, but is also the first choice as a center speaker.

The system is designed with an impedance of 4 ohms, an efficiency of 89 dB and a nominal load of 150 watts for amplifiers with a power between 25 nd 200 watts and can map a frequency range between 70 Hz and 20 kHz. The crossovers intervene here at 600 Hz or 2 kHz.

Photo © M&K Sound |  M&K M90 on-wall speaker

Optimized for wall mounting

We have already mentioned, above all the new M&K M90 is designed for wall mounting, whereby the corresponding device is of course part of the scope of delivery. It must be stated that the bracket is equipped with specially developed damping pads.

With dimensions of 80  x 13 x 8.5 cm, the M&K M90 weighs 5.62 kg.

Subtle design and flexible structure of home cinema systems

You follow the motto “from follows function” and therefore rely on a slim, elegant design language. People are convinced that there is often no space for large floor standing loudspeakers in many living concepts or that the installation is not optimally feasible. The on-wall design of the M&K M Series is intended to offer users flexibility on the one hand and to make installation easy to handle.

The manufacturer also states with the M&K M40T Tripole, the M&K M Series also offers a multi-pin side and rear speaker in a compact format, which serves as the ideal rounding off for an installation around the new M&K M90. The special design ensures that the sound is evenly radiated throughout the room with the best sound quality.

We mean…..

The loudspeaker systems and subwoofers from M&K Sound pursue a single goal, namely the flawless reproduction of audio. With the new M&K M90, this should be guaranteed in a particularly compact, yet powerful form and thus proce to be the ideal solution for the living room-friendly implementation of a home cinema.






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