July 7, 2021

Dublin, OH, July 7, 2021 | /kinetics Noise Control Inc. (Kinetics) is pleased to announce the release of VersaTune Low Frequency (VTLF) Acoustical Wall Panels, an addition to the VersaTune product line.

VTLF is an extraordinarily lo-frequency absorber with bass trap style performance at 80 Hz. These panels remove 85% of reflections while limiting absorption in higher frequencies, all in a slim 2 1/8″ think panel. The result is the eradication of hard-to-treat low frequencies without over-absorbing the bright, higher tones desired in any performance space.

“It’s been a long time coming that we’ve needed a panel that could absorb lower frequency reverberation,” notes Ben Hickey, Kinetics Director of Sales for the Room Acoustics and Home Markets. “And now we finally have it with the WTLF. We’re ecstatic about this release.”

VTLF provides for optimal listening conditions through the reduction of excessive bass reverberation. The unique multi-density panel core boosts the absorption coefficient in the 100 to 400 Hz 1/3 octave bands to an average 0.79, much higher than even standard 4-inch thick acoustical panels. These low-frequency panels are identical in appearance to the existing VersaTune offering, allowing designers to seamlessly intermix panels on the same wall.



Discover more: kineticsnoise.com/vtlf

About Kinetics Noise Control

Established in 1958 as industrial consultants focused on controlling sound and vibration, Kinetics now produces the industry’s largest selection of products and solutions that control airborne noise, isolate structure-borne vibration, enhance room acoustics, create quiet spaces, and restrain non-structural building systems.

About Catalyst Acoustics Group

Catalyst Acoustic Group is the parent company of an elite group of acoustic, seismic, vibration and noise control companies that together, offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. The independent brands, channels to market, products and services offered by each business remain unique, while leveraging the scale, deep functional expertise, broad channel reach and significant financial resources.


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