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Custom, Proprietary Formulations

Stewart Filmscreen is the only projection screen manufacturer to build unrivalled optical screen materials from the molecular level up.  Our screen fabrics can receive as many as 13 optical layers- each providing a specific, optical quality, resulting in a picture-perfect image.

Stewart Filmscreen is world renoun, award-winning and undisputed leader in screen technology.
Here’s an abbreviated list of the global brands that embrace Stewart.

We’ve made Hollywood sparkle with excitement, home cinemas glow with wonder, and conference halls shine with inspiration

We are driven by a passion to continually craft products that are smarter, stronger, and perfectly fit for you.

Projectors come and go, but Stewart projection screens remain


Many of our customers tell us how they have gone through multiple projector upgrades while their Stewart screen continues to perform perfectly. You know you are getting durability and lasting quality when you purchase Stewart.

Stewart Filmscreen Products

If you’d like to discuss how to integrate Sterwart Filmscreen into your next project, please contact the Watershed Group. Or, if you’d like to view their entire product offering, please visit their website.