ad notam is a company that is operating globally, specializing in engineering and manufacturing of smart mirrors and glasses. A smart mirror/glass is a combination of both electronics (screens, monitors and lighting) and a glass/mirror surface.

ad notam understands the importance of both elements and continues to display this in both new and exciting developments on both fronts. ad notam is a strong believers that your product is only as good as the elements within it. By specializing in this technology ad notam has gained a thorough understanding about both electronics and glass/mirror technology. Which is why they are able to provide their demanding clientele with the most cutting edge technology.

As the innovator of the Mirror TV with more than 10 years of experience in this competitive industry, ad notam remains the leading experts in this technology. Thanks to its facilities and in-house engineering team, ad notam is able to quickly adapt your needs as well as industry trends to its products. By focusing on customization and integration of its products, ad notam is acknowledged as one of the best providers in interior design and functionality.

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